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Wicked Facebook Cover Ideas For Your Business

Wicked Facebook Cover Ideas For Your Business

The 1st impression of your business is always important if you want to attract your customers. It’s the same goes for your Facebook business page. An epic Facebook cover ideas will surely help you to catch the attention of your prospect. If you are wondering what are the tricks of wicked Facebook cover ideas for your business? Try use the below secrets that I discovers and use them as your own.

Wicked Facebook Cover Ideas For Your Business #1 – Branding Your Business

Branding Your Business

It’s important that you to brand your business through Facebook Cover picture. It’s the good method for people to know about your business and what do you do. You can add up some spice by throwing out some creative way of branding through the cover photo. The Corona has done an excellent job in doing this. The picture just say a thousand words where it’s branding itself and at the same time, delivering it’s message to the prospect.

Wicked Facebook Cover Ideas For Your Business #2 – Include Click To Action

Include Click To Action

Click to Action is a good Facebook cover ideas that you can adopt in order to attract your prospect or follower. You wouldn’t only want them to be your Facebook follower but you might want to consider converting them as your email lists. With Click to action, you can do exactly that and getting their email is a breeze by using this. After you get the and send them update via email. The chances of converting them are normally higher by using the email as a tool. I myself have major success in persuading my prospect through email.

Wicked Facebook Cover Ideas For Your Business #3 – Promoting Your Contest

Promoting Your Contest

Contest is a great way to attract the participation of your Facebook follower to your business activity. It has being proven by many that by using contest, it attracts more people to notice you brand. Facebook cover is a good place that you can promote whatever you have in your business, especially if you have a contest that you want people to know. Facebook cover is the first impression that the customer will see when they land on your page thus putting your contest information is a great way for you to promote your business contest.

Wicked Facebook Cover Ideas For Your Business #4 – Describing the Product

Describing the Product

You want to get more exposure from your prospect on your product? Best way to do this is to update your Facebook cover photo. Always remember when your follower lands on your Facebook page, the first thing that they going to see are your Facebook page cover photo. If your photo is interesting and creative enough, your cover photo will definitely catch your prospect attention. They will know what your business is about and what product are your businesses selling in just a glance.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can attract your prospect but the Facebook cover photo for sure is one of the killer methods that can help you to catch your prospect attention for sure. The above Facebook cover ideas work well for my business and it believe that it can help yours as well. Tell me what you think. I would love to hear on your view on these tips, whether it’s helpful or it’s not

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