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All About Traffic – How Do You Use Craigslist

How Do You Use Craigslist

If you are asking what the wonders on the Internet are, then Craigslist would have to be one of the wonders in the world of Internet. Rewgardless whether if you are buyer or seller, Craigslist is a great market place where you can find out all you need. There are several reasons why people are coming to craigslist. Among it is marketing their product, finding jobs and meeting new people. I will uncover to you on how do you use craigslist and maximizing it to generate traffic flow to your website especially for you newbie.

All About Traffic – How Do You Use Craigslist #1 – Creating an Account

Creating an Account

In Craigslist, you can post even without registering and creating an account. It would be advisable for you to create an account to avoid the hassle if you are planning to post this regularly on Craigslist. By creating an account, it will allow you to have easy access to the ads that you are planning to post. You can even trace back to the previous posts that you have done and edit it without hassle if you have an account on Craigslist. So start registering yourself an account on Craigslist.

All About Traffic – How Do You Use Craigslist #2 – Choose Your Location

Choose Your Location

Next step is that you need to know where you need to post your classified. Location is important as this will determine on the amount of people that will see your advertisement. Depending on your niche, you need to choose your location wisely to maximize the results. Based on the web ranking service on Alexa (as of Apr 2013), the most visited cities are Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Seattle and Chicago. Posting it on these cities will help you to improve your advertisement visibility to your prospect.

All About Traffic – How Do You Use Craigslist #3 – Choose Your Category

Choose Your Category

After choosing your location, you need to identify what is the category of your classified that you are posting. There are several categories that you can choose from and posting the advertisement will pretty much depending on what is your niche. You can choose from “resume/job wanted”, “job offered”, “service offered” and others. Good news is that you can post most of these categories for free but there are some which requires fee. So identify and post correctly.

All About Traffic – How Do You Use Craigslist #4 – Make a Good Content Classify

Make a Good Content Classified

You need to ensure that the header and content of your classified are attractive to attract views from other people. Put yourself on the prospect’s shoe and write what they want to see. You can also include image on your classified and utilizing the image will be a good idea to capture more attention from the reader. Even so, there is the tricky part on the posting. There are some do and don’t when you post on Craigslist and you need to post wisely. You can check out the terms & conditions when you are posting your classified. If your classified doesn’t meet their T&C, your post will be flagged off for removed by the Craigslist. I myself are still finding the grip to avoid the removal from Craigslist.

All About Traffic – How Do You Use Craigslist #5 – Maintaining Your Classified

Maintaining Your Classified

Do always remember that Craigslist will delete your post after certain amount of time. It will be good idea to either repost or post a new classified to renew your older post. It will be easier to renew then ads instead of going through the entire posting process. My practice is that I will post 2 brand new classified daily on the Craigslist to ensure that I keep my posting alive and people noticing my post.

In conclusion, Craigslist is a great method that you can use to increase your visibility to more people. You can do this with almost no costs but you need time to post this. Hope that the above steps can help you on Craigslist posting. Let me know whether this is sufficient and you need a video on step by step for posting. I can record a video if you need it

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