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Tips on Marketing Call to Action and Start Making Your Conversion

Tips on Marketing Call to Action and Start Making Your Conversion Do you make full use of the call to action in your online business? Before we proceed, if you are wondering what is call to action, here are some description. Call to action is a graphic or wording that you use to entice and persuade your reader to click and take action on it. Marketing Call to Action is a great leverage that you can use to include to your business sales funnel, where it can help to increase your sales conversion. Here are some good tips on making your call to action counts and start converting your sales.

Tips on Marketing Call to Action #1 – Make It an Attention Grabber

Indicating Specific Action If you are asking what is the best way that you can draw your prospect attention, then there is no other then making your call to action using a beautiful button and attractive image. Before you can do that, you need understand what the emotions are when your readers are reading through your article or sales page. You need to make the call to action stands out by considering the combination of the layout/color of your site and matching it up with your call to action button. Do also remember that the image that you are putting in also play an important role as it will determine on your conversion. You need to select the image wisely.

Tips on Marketing Call to Action #2 – Indicating Specific Action

Make It An Attention Grabber

It’s important for you to be clear and know what you need your reader to do next with your call to action. You need to indicate explicit on what they need to do next using your call to action button. You can be redirecting them for click to signup, download for free, click to contact us and etc. You need to avoid vague in general on your call to action as this will help your prospect to avoid confuse on what they need to do next. So now, before you plan for your call to action, start thinking on what is your objective and what do you want your prospect to do.

Tips on Marketing Call to Action #3 – Positioning of Call to Action

Inconsistency in Posting

When your prospect that reaches your website or sales funnel, always remember that they will read your content in a flow. You need to know which are the sweat spot / position to place your call to action. You need to put yourself in their position and read through your own content and see which the catchy spot that can draw their attention are. Once these spots are identified, start putting in your call to action. My own practice is I will normally put the call to action in the last line of the article. Once prospect has completed their reading, they will see my call to action.

Tips on Marketing Call to Action #4 – Creating Urgency

Creating Urgency

Another important aspect that you can utilize the call to action is by creating urgency on your call to action. This is a proven method where many online marketers are using this and the results are tremendous. You need to use the discrete measurement of time in your call to action button/wording. With phrases like “Click Now” or “Download It Today” is a good phrase to be included onto your call to action to encourage people to take action. Another suggestion is that you can include a count down timer along with your call to action to create urgency for your prospect to click through. The fact is, there are no absolute right or wrong strategies or methods in marketing call to action. It will require some testing to identify which are the few methods that working fine for your business. Make take some time to test out and identifying which is the best call to action approaches that suitable for your business. What is the call to action without traffic.

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