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Social Signal and SEO? Do They Relate?

Social Signal and SEO

Does social signal and SEO related? Does having a lot of social signal will improve your search engine ranking? The big guys (such as Google and Bing) have admitted that social signal is part of the ranking factor in search engine. This means, the more of your content is being share on the social networking, the higher ranking your post will be as this serves as your vote from people on the Internet. So it will be wise if you were to improve your Social Signal and SEO will eventually follows. The below are some good tricks on how you can maximize your social signals.

Social Signal and SEO #1 – Creating a Blog

Social Signal and SEO #1 - Creating a Blog

The first and foremost thing that you must do is to create a blog. This is the number 1 entry criteria if you want to be successful in generating social signal for SEO. Blog is a place where you can start express yourself through writing. You can blog about any subject and publish it to your blog. Once published, you will be all good and ready to let the world share out your content through social media. Always remember that blog serves as a platform for people to see what you written and share/syndicating your content out to all across the Internet.

Social Signal and SEO #2 – Including Social Media Button

Social Signal and SEO #2 - Including Social Media Button

Once you have your blog up and running, the next step is you need to include and install social media button on your blog to allow your blog visitor share it out easily. Content will not be share by itself, but you need to have the button ready for your visitor’s convenience if they wants to share it out, it is there. The chances of people sharing it with a button your blog provide is likely higher then you not putting it there. The more share or engagement through the button, the more social signal you will send out to the search engine.

Social Signal and SEO #3 – Guest Posting

Social Signal and SEO #3 - Guest Posting

Guest posting is another great method that can help you to send out social signal and SEO improvement. If you are guest posting for other people’s website, you can obtain the attention from visitors of other blog. It will help to divert the traffic from other website back to your website. Especially now, with the recent introduction of Google Authorship, this will enable blogger to verify authorship of the content that they written. The guest posting will surely help you to rank higher and send more social signal out to the search engine.

Social Signal and SEO #4 – Video Content

Social Signal and SEO #4 - Video Content

Making video post is a great way to get more social signals on the Internet. You can simply start off with making video content and publishing it onto YouTube. There are estimated 1 billion viewers per day in YouTube and just with this statistics, you can foresee the number of prospect that you can reach out by using video content on YouTube. If your video is compelling and informative enough, you can easily reach out to more people and at the same time, increasing your social signal.

To conclude the above, social signal does play an important role in ranking your content in SEO. By implementing the above strategies, it might just be your answer to Social Signal and SEO, on how they are related and improving your ranking. Love this article? Drop me a comment. I would love to hear from you.

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