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Social Media Mistakes That Can Pissed Off Your Followers

Social Media Mistakes That Can Pissed Off Your Followers

Have you ever wonder what you have posted on your social media are attracting people to your business or you are just scaring them away? If you really give a thought on this, you might discover that what you are doing now are the social media mistakes which it could potentially cause you to loose out on your prospect. You need to always know what are the do and don’t when you are running your social media marketing. Here are some social media mistakes that you need to remember and avoid them at all costs.

Social Media Mistakes That Can Pissed Off Your Followers #1 – Focus Purely On Your Product

Focus Purely On Your Product

Don’t get me wrong. You should be selling your product but you need to do it in the right way. There is strategy of promoting your product and not promoting it blindly. By promoting and posting it over and over again, this will not help you on increasing your sales but instead this action will increase people unsubscribing off from you. You must remember that you need to provide your follower with valuable information and build their trust. Once they trust you, selling will be a breeze. The tactic here is you should start providing information to your follower and not just purely promoting your product.

Social Media Mistakes That Can Pissed Off Your Followers #2 – Not Engaging Your Follower

Not Engaging Your Follower

The other common social media mistakes that most people make are that they don’t make any engagement. Social media is all about socializing with people. If you have a building yourself or your business on social media, then the first entry criteria is that you must do is start engaging with your follower. You should encourage your customer to be engaged with you. There are bunch of things that you can do to make engagement. You could ask questions, running contests, offering coupons and etc. These are good ways that I myself used to stir up the engagement on social media.

Social Media Mistakes That Can Pissed Off Your Followers #3 – Not Make Use of Hashtags

Not Make Use of Hashtags

Most of you might not know this but hashtag is the common platform that most major social media uses and you can utilize while posting. Not using it will be a disadvantage to you as hashtags can help you to expand your visibility to more people. The common mistake is that many people commit is that they don’t use hashtags when they post their content on social media. Know this that by including a hashtag in your post, you are in position to get your post in front of people who may not have seen your post.

Social Media Mistakes That Can Pissed Off Your Followers #4 – Inconsistency in Posting

Inconsistency in Posting

You need to have discipline and more importantly, you need to post consistently. Many people has failed to post consistently and some even doesn’t post at all. Your social media page will look like a ghost town if there is no post to keep it alive. You followers are following you for a reason, where they need information from you. If your social media fail to provide them with the necessary information, they might just start to abandon you. Suggestion is that you should at least post once a week to keep your social presence alive.

Social Media Mistakes That Can Pissed Off Your Followers #5 – Ignore Quality Post

Ignore Quality Post

Here is another social media common mistake that most Internet marketer made where they tend to ignore the quality. To their mindset, they believe that quantity is more important then the quality of the post. This is the wrong mindset. Put yourself in the reader’s shoe. What if you were supplied with crap? What would you do? You would lost your faith on the page and will not trust what is being posted by the fan page. You need to provide something solid and useful for your reader in order for them to stay loyal with you.

Do you commit any of the above blunders? If yes, then it’s time to rethink your social media strategy and improvise your strategy. With avoiding these social media mistakes, you will indeed able to move your business to another level.

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