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Social Media Marketing Strategy – Slideshare Tips For Starters

Social Media Marketing Strategy - Slideshare Tips For Starters

If you are looking for new alternatives on social media marketing, you should really consider utilizing Slideshare as your option. If you are wondering what is Slideshare, here is the answer. Slideshare is the largest presentation sharing site where users can upload and share documents such as PDF, PowerPoint Slides or even videos. There are estimated 60 million visitors and Slideshare is the perfect tools that you can use as viral content marketing network to help your business generating new leads. Slideshare is the perfect social media marketing strategy especially those who write articles. The below are the Slideshare tips for starters that you can adopt to improve your Slideshare exposure.

Social Media Marketing Strategy – Slideshare Tips For Starters #1 – More Visual

More Visual

If you notice, people loves image rather than reading through whole chunk of text. You should instead of going the conventional way of writing you documents, you should start leverage more usage of visual in your presentation. Minimize your bullet points or headers but instead go for big imagery to display to your reader. You could make it bring up to the next level by using infographics. Infographics are a fun and quick way for your reader to digest about a topic without a ton of heavy reading by your readers.

Social Media Marketing Strategy – Slideshare Tips For Starters #2 – Linking With LinkedIn

Linking With LinkedIn

Another good tip is for you to link your Slideshare with the LinkedIn. This is a simple step where you only need to add your Slideshare onto your LinkedIn profile. Here is why you need to do this action. LinkedIn is a social networking website for professional occupation and with you integrating you Slideshare with LinkedIn, is a good way of you showcasing your work and presentation talent to larger audience.

Social Media Marketing Strategy – Slideshare Tips For Starters #3 – Including Call To Action

Including Call To Action

Call to action is a must, for every presentation. You must to include the Call to Action in all presentation slides as this serves as a guide to your readers on what they should do next. The calls to action normally are included on the last slide of each presentation. The call to action is a link or button that allows the reader to know further about your product. The call to action normally will be giving away freebies to tempt the reader to click through


Social Media Marketing Strategy – Slideshare Tips For Starters #4 – Keeping Your Presentation Short

Keeping Your Presentation Short

It’s important for you to keep your presentation short and simple. The reason why you want to keep is short is that you would want people to see your offer, which normally is at the end of your presentation. If your presentation is too long, people might just lost interest to continue reading your presentation. I would recommend that the presentation slide numbers should be ranging from 8-15 pages for the optimum results.

Social Media Marketing Strategy – Slideshare Tips For Starters #5 – Optimize When Uploading

Optimize When Uploading

There are some fields that you can input when you are uploading your Slideshare and you need to make sure that you have this filled up. By doing this, it will be easier for people to look for your presentation on Slideshare. The 3 things that you need to do are:

  • Edit the title of the presentation
  • Write a description
  • Add tags

Make sure all your inputs of the above are keyword rich (just like blog posts and videos) so they are more easily found when readers are searching through Slideshare!

So there you have it, the social media marketing strategy on 5 Slideshare Tips For Starters that you should adopt. I have started to use Slideshare and the results are amazing. I would highly recommend if you want to draw more fresh prospects/readers to your business, then you need to use Slideshare.

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