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Simple Tips That You Can Use to Increase Website Traffic

Simple Tips That You Can Use to Increase Website Traffic

Is traffic really that important to dictate on your website’s success or failure? The answer for the question is YES”. In order for you to grow your website, you must acquire new prospect going through your website. When more people see your website, the chances of you converting them as your customer will be higher. Here are some simple ways that you can adopt to increase website traffic and exposing it to more prospect.

Simple Tips That You Can Use to Increase Website Traffic #1 – Creating Blog To Increase Search Engine Traffic

Creating Blog To Increase Search Engine Traffic

The simplest and the cheapest way around in the Internet to gain traffic is for you to create a blog and getting traffic from search engine. You are the expert in your fields, thus writing should be a breeze to you. You should use blog to write about your niche (whether it’s beauty, entertainment or others) and get it rank on the search engine. Once your blog is ranked, you will see the traffic flowing in. Make sure you do your due diligence on the keywords that people are looking for and write based on these keywords.

Simple Tips That You Can Use to Increase Website Traffic #2 – Utilize Social Media

Utilize Social Media

The other sure kill method that you can use to increase website traffic is to leverage on the social media. Based on studies, there are 1 in 4 people worldwide that uses social network. From this figure, you can see the potential number of prospect that you can reach from the social media exposure. There are few social media that you can target but the most efficient social media (that I experiment) is Facebook. You can create a Facebook page for your blogging and starts publish and communicate with the followers. The other method of social media that you can use to utilize is the paid methods where you publish advertisements on Facebook. This is pretty straight forward traffic method and best of all, you can target what audience you want to see your ads.

Simple Tips That You Can Use to Increase Website Traffic #3 – Online Classified

Online Classified

Online classified is one of the efficient method that you can adopt to gain more traffic to your website and at the same time, reaching out to your prospects. This is a simple method and it is literally free. Basically all you need to do is to post your website advertisement on online classified based on your niche. Your niche can be for sale, jobs, business opportunity, service and online classified can just help you to reach out to those people. You will be surprise on how many people are looking at the online classified daily and results has proven online classified does help in providing you the necessary traffic to your website. The largest online classified that you can leverage is Craiglists. It has helped me in getting good quality traffic to my website

Simple Tips That You Can Use to Increase Website Traffic #4 – Guest Posting

Guest Posting

Does Guest posting help you to gain traffic? The answer is YES! Guest posting is proven method that many have adopted to gain more traffic to their website. All you need to help same niche website to write some article and post to their website. Of course, more importantly, you would need to include your own website link in your article (in your content, signature or online profile). This is to ensure if the reader wants to find more details about you, they can click to your website and check out more details on you. This method can help you to build your reputation as well as the website publisher trust you thus they publish your article.

Simple Tips That You Can Use to Increase Website Traffic #5 – Solo Ads

Solo Ads

This is the one of my favorite and I personally use them myself where it has help me to attract a lot of good quality traffic to my website. So what is Solo Ads (some of you might ask)? Solo ads are a popular way for Internet Marketers to get their message sent out to the large number of laser targeted prospect for some costs. The idea is that you are tapping into other people’s email listing, which is relatively close to your niche. You basically pay them to send out email to their lists and increase website traffic. The common charge that the lists holder will charge is either pay per click or pay per conversion. It has bring me lot of traffic through this method but you need to fork out some money to see the results.

The above are the few methods that I use and have helped me to increase website traffic. I have benefited all this method thanks to my good friend and mentor, Vick Strizheus. If you want to learn more details on traffic generation, you can get your hand on the “48 Hours Traffic Machine” for FREE. You will learn strategies on how to get high quality traffic in little as 48 hours. CLAIM IT NOW!

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