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SEO Tips – How to Get Google to Index My Site

SEO Tips - How to Get Google to Index My Site

You have a new site and all that you ever wanted is people to find your website. How do you increase your website exposure? There are multiple ways of exposing it but one of the more efficient way is exposing it through search engine. Instead of typically waiting for the search engine crawler to crawl your website (which takes time), you can do it yourself.

What is Crawling and Indexing?

Before we go into details, let’s start off by explaining what is Crawling and Indexing.

What is Crawling and Indexing

To start off, Googlebots (Google software) will goes around the Internet looking through website to find new or updated information to report back to Google. This action is called crawling.

Upon the completion of crawling, it will the begin it’s Indexing process, where Google will start processing the information gathered by the Googlebots from its crawling activities. Once processed, the content will be added to Google’s searchable index (if it is determined as quality content)

So how do you now speed up the Google indexing process? Here are the some SEO tips on How to Get Google to Index My Site.

SEO Tips – How to Get Google to Index My Site #1 – Creating Sitemap

Creating Sitemap

What is a Sitemap? A sitemap is a XML on your website where it will tell the search engine on what are the new pages that has being added on your website. By including the sitemap on your website, it will benefit you as it will act as a map to the Googlebots and guiding them to your website’s inner pages. This is an important step that you can not neglect this if you want Google to index your site faster. There are numbers of tools that you can find on the Internet but if you are using WordPress, you can install the Google XML Sitemaps plugin.

SEO Tips – How to Get Google to Index My Site #2 – Including Google+ Profile

Including Google Profile

Do you have a Google+ profile? If you don’t then it’s a good idea to set one up. You can leverage the Google+ profile by adding the link to your website on the “About Us” section. This will be a plus point for Google to index your website. Another method is that you can post your article as a feed on Google+ and make sure include the links on the post. Since this is a Google product, it will be a priority for the Google crawler to crawl and index your website.

SEO Tips – How to Get Google to Index My Site #3 – Building and Linking Your Internal Links

Building and Linking Your Internal Links

Here is another good tips that you can utilize where you need to start building and linking your internal website links. If you are asking how do this? Let me tell you that it’s pretty simple where all you need to do is linking your popular content page to another new page. By doing this, you are interlinking your internal page and creating multiple internal links. Search engine bots are likely find and index your site when websites that is often crawled and indexed link to it. By doing this, you are extending the crawl from the popular post to the other post that you posted.

SEO Tips – How to Get Google to Index My Site #4 – Creating Other Back Links

Creating Other Back Links

In helping you to get your website getting indexed by Google, you need to get more links linking to your website. So, what are the ways to create more links? There various ways that you can create more links. The methods include submitting guest posts to blogs in your niche or even post your articles to quality article directories. Make sure you are providing quality content to a quality website and not just any spammy website. You wouldn’t want to create false impression to Google that your website is spammy.

SEO Tips – How to Get Google to Index My Site #5 – Add More New Content

Add More New Content

This is the core and most important point if you want your website to be indexed by Google. You need to add more new content and you should do this frequently. Google is always looking for the new and quality content to be indexed. You need to demonstrate to Google that your website is bringing value to the readers and you are doing it frequently.

This is how to get Google to index my site strategies that I used and it has proven working great and bringing new traffic to my website. If you are trying to expose your website to more prospects, then you need to adopt the above strategies and start index your website on Google.

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