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My Story About My Hawaii Vacations In May 2013

Hawaii the Aloha State

Many of my friends, relatives and ex-colleagues asked me how my Hawaii trip is and whether I have a good time with my family during this vacation.

Instead of reply 1 by 1, I decided to write up a post on this and provide the In & Out of my recent Hawaii trip. In this recent Hawaii trip, I’m travel alone. Yes…alone without my wife and kids. The main reason is my wife is not available due to her commitment on work and furthermore our kids is still very small, so is inconvenient to travel so far (about 26 hours inclusive of transit).

So what the heck am I doing in Hawaii? Actually I’m attending an event which organizes and held in Hawaii. Is a 4 days event, where there are about 150 members from 19 different countries flew in to Hawaii for the same purpose. The event is called Big Idea Mastermind (BIM) Millionaires Retreat.

Let me share some background on Big Idea Mastermind (BIM), this is an online community where the like-minded people joined this group by learning, growing themselves periodically and finally using the tool to make money online. Not everyone can attend the event, only if you are at the highest level of the program are eligible and no obligation to attend the event. There is a small event fee incur, and other expenses as well (air-ticket, accommodation, food). During the event, food will be provided, so the food expenses I mentioned is more on the day where I’m on my own, which mean non event day.

I know your next question must be, the travel cost will be very high for air-ticket, accommodation and misc expenses. Yes, you are absolutely right. That really cost me a lots. However, I would greatly tell you the entire trip is free for me. How come??? Because I have earn couple of thousand dollars from Big Idea Mastermind program, therefore this whole Hawaii trip is free for me J

Sound unbelievable? Yes, it is. In the matter of fact, most of you who know me personally will not believe I will join this kind of program. In real world, I’m doing quite ok and well on my daily professional job from Accenture to Standard Chartered Bank (Scope International) then to Dell and now with AIG. I still love what I do, and I always ensure I deliver the best I can for my profession.

Then what trigger me to do something online while I’m having a wonderful full time professional job? To me, I feel nothing wrong to have a side income as a part time job, where many people are doing that. All this happen because each of us wants a better lifestyle and better income for our own family. What I need to ensure is, I always deliver what my boss expected on me on my daily professional job, and the other hand (mostly night time and weekend), I will work hard on my own to build my online business. I would said I manage this quick well, when I refer back to my profession performance for the past 2-3 years, I still delivered a good result and always aim for high performance or so called above expectation. Because that is my rule of thumb to myself, when I’m on something, I always want to do the best.

So what trigger me to start all this. I would greatly and proudly thank to my wife. If not because of her, I won’t involve on all this. Don’t get me wrong here, she is not demanding exceptional luxury life. In fact why I said I want to thank her is because previously she work with a company called Success Resources and this company is an event organizer where they always invite successful, inspiration and motivation peoples around the world to provide a presentation in a seminar. Some of the example is (Tony Robbins, T Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki, Stephen Pierce, Patric Chan, Peng Joon, Blair Singer, Courtney Smith, Les Brown, Tony Blair and etc…) Due to that, she got a ticket and she ask me whether I’m interested to attend 1 of them. I always open my mind to learn, so I commit and said I will take up and go (actually that time just having a feeling of look and see) what is happening in the event.

After I attended the first event, it really blew me away, literally my mind start spinning crazily and lots of things start making sense for me. From there on, I start to involve on personal development and also on money making vehicle. I feel in this era, we can’t just rely on single source of income, I need to work on multi-stream of income while I still have the energy.

Let’s get the long story short in this post, where my intention is to share why I am in Hawaii and how I get started. If you would like to know more about my stories, kindly let me know by leaving your comment at below of this post. I love to share and hope my story can directly/indirectly help you as well.

Lastly, let me share some nice photos which I took in Hawaii with you over here.

Hope you enjoy it.

Aloha and Mahalo…


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