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Making Money Online – 3 Ideas Generator on What To Sell On Fiverr

Making Money Online - 3 Ideas Generator on What To Sell On Fiverr

Making money online, is this possible? If you are looking for methods to earn your very first money online then it’s not as complicate as you think it is. Basically there are various ways that you use to make money online where you can earn from online by advertising, affiliate or even selling your own product. But there is a new trend on the Internet, where you can now start making money from Fiverr.

What is Fiverr?

What is Fiverr

Just in case you have not heard about Fiverr. Fiverr is a popular online market place where people can offer their services or products (referred as gigs) to their prospect. It has a large visitors based where Fiverr is ranking 129 in worldwide and 73 in USA. There are estimated 18 million daily visitors. The best part is all services and products only cost $5. Currently there are more then 1.3 million gigs listed in Fiverr.

The above has given you all the reasons why you should start utilizing the Fiverr to make your first income online. Here are some ideas on ideas of what you can sell on Fiverr

Making Money Online – Ideas on What To Sell On Fiverr #1 – Browse for Inspiration


Browse for Inspiration

What are the good stuff to sell? If you need inspiration, you can simply just click around Fiverr and see what other people are selling. You can look for gigs that you are have experience and see what market is offering and what can you offer. You don’t need to worry about not finding the inspiration ideas as there are in total of 1.3 million of gigs listed in Fiverr. Just by searching around the website, you might just find something that will trigger you and start your selling on Fiverr.

Making Money Online – Ideas on What To Sell On Fiverr #2 – Solution for Buyers


Solution for Buyers

You need to put yourself into the buyer’s position and see what is the best solution that will help them to solve their problem. Ask yourself question like is there something that you can help your prospect to complete necessary tasks. You need to understand that problems are everywhere and since you are the expert of your own niche, you should know what the common issues are more then anyone else. Once identified, create the gigs that address can help to address common issue. Do not specifically create a solution that only 1 or a few people are encountering. You need to remember that you are targeting the mass market and not specific market.

Making Money Online – Ideas on What To Sell On Fiverr #3 – List Your Hobby, Interest and Skills


List Your Hobby, Interest and SkillsFiverr is a big market place with different types of people and prospect. Do not limit yourself only to business oriented product or services, but instead you can also try to focus on services such as hobbies or interests. For example, you could be good in origami and you can actually list your hobby on Fiverr as a video to teach people how to make different origami in Fiverr. Since there are different types of prospects in Fiverr, you will never know that your gigs might become a popular gig and goes viral.

There you have it, another good method of making money online. Always remember that when you generating ideas, make sure you must not judge yourself. Once you have an idea, make sure you jot down the idea (regardless of how silly the idea is) and review them later. But what is even more important is that you need to take action. Some people might just think and they never execute the plan. You need to make sure that you are not in this group of people.

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