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Instagram Tips – Instagram Crimes That You Need To Avoid

Instagram Tips - Instagram Crimes That You Need To Avoid

Does anyone that doesn’t know what Instagram is? I believe there should be nobody that doesn’t know what it is. If you are the part of the people who does know, then it’s time for you to get personal with Instagram. Instagram is a great leverage that you can use to increase your visibility, whether it’s for personal or for business. What’s better is that it doesn’t take much to get started for Instagram as it’s a pretty straighforward to use. Even with this said, there are some Instagram crimes that you need to avoid in. Here are some Instagram tips on the mistakes that you should avoid on using the Instagram

Instagram Tips – Instagram Crimes That You Need To Avoid #1 – Over Flood The Feed

Over Flood The Feed

Regardless of how exciting your life is, you need to know that there is nobody likes to see 20 pictures from your in one shot on their Instagram feed. This action is like spamming people and nobody likes spamming. You can post 2-3 pictures per day but don’t overload your pictures and flood other people’s feed. Keep it down to minimum to keep your viewers attracted.

Instagram Tips – Instagram Crimes That You Need To Avoid #2 – Non Related Hash Tags

Non Related Hash Tags

If you didn’t know, hash tags are important in Instagram as this is the key on people finding you in Instagram. More importantly, you shouldn’t abuse the usage of hash tags. Based on my observation, I do see that there are a lot of people who input non related hash tags to their picture. You need to ensure the hash tags that you key in are all relevant and connected to your picture. You could image the frustration of person who is searching but getting the irrelevant pictures. So make sure that you only hash tag those that are relevant

Instagram Tips – Instagram Crimes That You Need To Avoid #3 – Overposting Your Couple Photo

Overposting Your Couple Photo

Yes, we get it. You are happy with your partner but you don’t need to over posting it on the Instagram. You don’t need to remind us of how blissful you are with partner. Overposting the couple photo will not do you or your couple any good but instead people might just start hating you. Remember. No overposting on your couple photo on Instagram.

Instagram Tips – Instagram Crimes That You Need To Avoid #4 – Ignoring Your Follower

Ignoring Your Follower

Here is some good Instagram tips. You need to make sure that when your follower follows you, you need to follow them back. This is a strategic relationship and with this, you will develop a healthy relationship between yourself and your follower. Always remember that not all brands on Instagram will follow you back. If you have plan to get more follower by this strategic, be prepare that the big brands will not follow you back.

Instagram Tips – Instagram Crimes That You Need To Avoid #5 – Not Utilizing Video

Not Utilizing Video

In case you don’t know, the Instagram now supports video upload. You can upload a short video that lasts for 15 secs (longer then Vine where it is 6.5 secs) to Instagram. Most people just love video. Video attracts people to watch and the exposure is even bigger the image. You must utilize the video and build your brand around video. Make some good video, and recommend making some funny video where it catches most attention from your follower.

The above are the Instagram crimes that you need to avoid in order for you to gain more exposure whether it’s for yourself or it’s for your product branding. If you have not start to use Instagram, then you should seriously consider on using it as part your business campaign or to rebrand yourself. Are these tips helpful? Let me know as I would love hearing from you.

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