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Importance of Life Goal and Why is it Important

Importance of Life Goal and Why is it Important

Have you ever wonder why it is the important for you to set a life goal why do you need to set it? I was just listening to one of the best motivator speaker, Mr. Earl Nightingale’s “The Strangest Secrets In the World” and he has inspired me on the importance for a human to have a goal. If you ever notice, most successful people, they have their own goal and most people who are not too success, they do not know what they want in their life.

Here is a very good example that Mr. Earl has given on the goal. You could image a ship. If a ship has a clear goal or destination that they want to go, they will surely make it to their designated destination. If you put it in another position. Image if a ship does not have a destination or even the crew or even captain on the helm, where do you think that the ship will end? Most probably, the ship will never even leave the harbour at all. If it does leaves, it will just be ended up in deserted island.

Importance of Life Goal - Ship Destination

So based on the above example, You really can tells the importance of life goal and if you don’t have 1, the it’s time for you to think and come out with one. You need to set your the right conditioning of your mind if you want to achieve success. You need to control your mind in order for you to control your life. Human mind is something that you cannot under estimate as it the driving force to help you to achieve success. You will be what you think you be.

Importance of Life Goal - Recommendation

Here is a 30 days test that is recommended by Mr. Earl and I am sharing this with you because I want you to be success.

  1. Write on a card what you want (e.g. make double income, better living, more money)
  2. Look at your card everyday. Every morning when you wake up look at it in cheerful way.
  3. Look at it even when you getting to the bed
  4. You need to become what you think

It’s also important that you also stop thinking negatively. It’s very common that people will try to poison you and taking bad on your goal. When that happens, think of a positive thinking that will help you to kill of the negative thinking. Here is a quote that I strongly influence by Earl

Ask and it shall be given you

Seek and you shall find

Knock and it will be opened under you

These are some great sharing that I would love to share with you on the Importance of Life Goal. I have set my own goal and now working towards it. What about you? Love to hear from you on your feedback. Drop me a comment below

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