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Gmail’s Crazy Move That Will Impact You

Gmail's Crazy Move That Will Impact You

Anyone of you guys out there knows about there is a crazy move from Gmail and this move might a impact you especially if you are an Internet Marketer. Google is now thinking that you are not capable to manage your own email and they decided to help you to mange your email. This really irritate me as a user as Google start thinking I can’t manage my own mailbox?


So what are the changes? Here is the change where now, Gmail will now help you to separate your inbox into five tabs. It will be split as below:

  • Primary
  • Social
  • Promotion
  • Updates
  • Forums

So if you have signup for newsletter, you might not be seeing the email anymore on your primary folder as it will be roll into other tabs. Most company’s newsletter are normally subscribe to either Aweber or Mailchimp and the email from these mailing services provider will be automatically routed into the promotion tab. Doesn’t this sounds bad, especially if you are an Internet Marketers. You might be risking your prospect not reading your email. You could image on the time and effort that we (Internet Marketers) spent to build but all our effort might not be seen by our subscriber. This is really frustrating.


Even with that said, this can be fix but it needs some manual intervention from it’s user. So how do you fix this problem? Simply by just follow the 3 steps and your email will be routed back to your primary tab

  • Click on the desired tab that your emails are in
  • Find the emails that you want to read next time in your primary tab and and drag it into the “Primary” tab
  • Click yes on the pop-up will appear asking if you want this for all future messages

There you have it. You have just successfully change the setting to route back the email from other tab to your primary tab and you will not missed any newsletter that you have signup previously.

Share this around. Let more people know on what’s happening on Gmail and let them aware of how they can resolve this issue. Let me know what you think of this new feature. I would love hearing feedback from your.

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