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My Visit To Google Malaysia (by Invitation Only) As a Google Partner

Couple days ago, I received an email invitation from Google to attend their Learn with Google for Publishers program held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Headquarter (HQ) office. It was an exciting moment when I read that mail and immediately submit my registration. Today is the day where I have my chance to visit this brand new setup office and to meet with some local publishers as well. Since many of my friends ask me how does Google Malaysia office looks like and my experience in there, I decided to post the detail over here.

Google Malaysia Headquarter (HQ) Main Board Side View

This is the “batek” style Google board located just after the main entrance

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My Story About My Hawaii Vacations In May 2013

Hawaii the Aloha State

Many of my friends, relatives and ex-colleagues asked me how my Hawaii trip is and whether I have a good time with my family during this vacation.

Instead of reply 1 by 1, I decided to write up a post on this and provide the In & Out of my recent Hawaii trip. In this recent Hawaii trip, I’m travel alone. Yes…alone without my wife and kids. The main reason is my wife is not available due to her commitment on work and furthermore our kids is still very small, so is inconvenient to travel so far (about 26 hours inclusive of transit).

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