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Blog Commenting Tips – How To Encourage Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting Tips - How To Encourage Blog Commenting

Is blog commenting important to the growth of your online business? If you have these questions, then fact is that by increasing the blog commenting on your website, it can help you in various ways to expand and grow your business. Benefits of blog commenting include driving traffic to your website, improve link building efforts for SEO and even making you as a thought leader in your niche. With more people commenting on your blog posts, the greater exposure that your site will receive. Here are some blog commenting tips on how you can encourage blog commenting.

Blog Commenting Tips – How To Encourage Blog Commenting #1 – Ending With Question

Ending With Question

Questions will be a good starting point that you can start off to encourage blog commenting. You need to know that your readers do not know what to comment unless if they were given an anchor point. By throw out some questions, they can start answering it on the comment. Putting the question at the end of your article is a good spot where if the reader reads from start to the end of your article, chances are that they are interested in your topic. They will be more then happy to answer your question. By asking a question at the end, it will serve as a triggering point for them to comment.

Blog Commenting Tips – How To Encourage Blog Commenting #2 – Replying To Your Reader’s Comment

Replying To Your Reader's Comment

It is a courtesy to acknowledge or reply to other people when they have made a comment. If someone dropped a comment on your post, you should at least thank them for their comment. Make sure you do it promptly and not wait till months or even years to response to the comment that they made. If you are taking too long, when you reply, they might even forgotten what they have commented. By replying them, this will make your reader feels that his/her comment matter and you are not ignoring them.

Blog Commenting Tips – How To Encourage Blog Commenting #3 – Taking Your Stance

Taking Your Stance

The other way to encourage blog commenting is by taking your stance especially when you are writing something controversial. People tend to love reading controversial post and it normally get quite a number responses from the reader. The political articles normal makes a big impression on the readers where it catch most attention and debate. It doesn’t matter whether people agree or disagree with you. The main objective here is to “stir up the pot” and start making interaction with your reader.

Blog Commenting Tips – How To Encourage Blog Commenting #4 – Making Comment an Easy Task

Making Comment an Easy Task

There are some blogs that I see that hindering their readers from making comments. They are requesting the users to login/register before they can start to comment. This is not wrong in this but in order to encourage more people comment, this should be eliminated as it will requires extra steps from your reader before they can write their comment. You should always put yourself in your readers shoe and see what are the obstacles that you will be taking when you try to comment. You should be making it as easy as possible to comment in your post.

Blog Commenting Tips – How To Encourage Blog Commenting #5 – Comment On Your Commenter Blog

Comment On Your Commenter Blog

The next move that you can take is read through the comment from your commenter. For those frequent commenter, you should start making your comment on their blogs as well. This is a great way to build your own community for your blog by showing your reader that you value their comment. By doing this, you are in a way helping them and at the same helping yourself. The reader will be grateful to your action and they will definitely revisit and make comment on your site next time.

There you have it, the above is the blog commenting tips that I have used. What is your method to encourage blog commenting? Please comment on the below. I want to know. See, I am now demonstrating the item 1 and it’s not so hard isn’t it.

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