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Benefits of Guest Blogging and How It Will Help You

Benefits of Guest Blogging and How It Will Help You

If you are looking for good traffic to increase your incoming links and juice to your website, then guest blogging is one of the best approaches that you can use to achieve this goal. If you are targeting traffic from organic search, then you are in the right path. Many experts have agreed that content is the main areas that you should emphasize to get traffic from search engine where content can help your website rank higher on the search engine. Contributing articles (guest posting) to another website is actually good way to increase your connections and at the same time growing your online presence. The below are the lists out of the benefits of guest blogging and how it can help your website / business to grow.

Benefits of Guest Blogging #1 – Increasing Your Exposure

Increasing Your Exposure

There is no doubt by contributing your article to other website; it will increase your exposure and visibility to more prospects. But the trick here is you must know where to post your article and post it at the right place. You need to understand that there are flood of contents of the same niche being published every day to the Internet and you need to make sure that you content is being published at the right place in order viewed by the right audience. All you simply need to do is to look for well established website with your niche target audience and submit your guest post for them to publish.

Benefits of Guest Blogging #2 – Building Credibility and Profile

Building Credibility and Profile

Wondering how credibility is built by guest posting? When your partner website publish your article, meaning that they trust you and know that what you have written is beneficial to their audience. The truth is nobody will publish something that is meaningless or have potential of tarnish their website’s reputation. Your article will only be published if your partner publisher recognizes and acknowledge you. You can image if a well known website such as is publishing your content on their website. You will not only be increasing your exposure but at the same time, people will start believing you as they have believed in Mashable.

Benefits of Guest Blogging #3 – Building Your Subscriber

Building Your Subscriber

Aside from obtaining the traffic from guest blogging, there is 1 more important benefit of guest blogging that you will obtain and it is none other then helping you to build your subscriber lists. Obtaining the traffic is important, but by converting the traffic as your subscriber is equally or more important. There is a saying for IM “Money is in the lists”. The larger your lists grow, the bigger the potential that you will get of you converting them from your prospect to your customer. By guest blogging, it can help you just that to grow your subscriber list

Benefits of Guest Blogging #4 – Growing Your Social Media

Growing Your Social Media

How can you grow your social media through guest posting? Is this possible? The fact is this is possible where all you need to do is to include the links to your social media profile on your article. If the readers like what they read, they will normally follow you on social media (either Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and etc). If the social media link is there, it will be an easy access for them to become your follower and what you publish will be reaching out to them. What’s better that by this, the chances of going viral is also high as your follower will share out the writing if they find it useful to them?

Benefits of Guest Blogging #5 – Getting Good Quality Traffic

Getting Good Quality Traffic

Last but not least, the most important benefit that you can obtain from guest blogging is getting yourself with lots of good quality traffic. This is the number 1 advantage of the guest posting where the traffic from guest posting is focus and in the same niche as your business and these are your real prospect. With guest blogging it will help you to improve the chances of converting them as your customers. More importantly, you need to know what your own niche is and know what is the partner website that you want your article to be publish in order for you to reach out to the right audience.

Guest blogging has proven as one of the best methods that you can get to gain traffic. Aside from traffic, you are at the same time getting more exposure, credibility, inbound links, social media exposure, networking opportunities.

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