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30 Days to $10K Program is Live Now in Big Idea Mastermind by Vick Strizheus

30 days to $10,000 is the long awaited and most demanded program on the Internet Marketing. Now it is finally materialized by Vick Strizheus in Big Idea Mastermind. Now, thousands of Big Idea Mastermind members able to follow through this Industry’s most comprehensive guide to building a solid business and achieving income to $10,000 per month and more… in just 30 days!

30 days to 10k program in big idea mastermind by vick strizheus

Overview of 30 Days to $10K Program

There are 30 boxes created (default is locked) in this program. The instruction is rather simple, all you need to do is click on the first box on the first time, and it will open up the video shared by Vick Strizheus. In this video, Vick will share with you the most important info and what you need to do for that particular day. He will lead you to perform a specific task, all you need to do is just follow his instruction and perform the task. Why do you need to follow? It is simple, Vick is the guy who have a proven result from zero to $710,000 in just 28 days. And throughout past 6 months, in average he is making $300K – $400k. He know stuffs that most of us don’t know. To me, I would rather follow a leader that know how things work rather than follow some self-proclaimed guys who said he can make X amount without showing a proof.


How Does 30 Days to $10K Program Work?

As mentioned above, there are 30 locked boxes in your Big Idea Mastermind member area.  The most important thing is to TAKE ACTION everyday. Taking action is the first step to be success, people can tell you there is a gold mine up in front, but if you are not taking action to move forward, you will never reach the gold and all you will just see is other people, who take action, grab their piece of gold.

Be consistent is the second part of it, you need to ensure to complete the daily task by end of the day and proceed to new task on the next day. Do not rush to complete few day tasks in 1 day, this doesn’t help much. This is because you will be information overloaded and potentially overwhelm yourself. Worst part is that you could even miss some key important golden nugget from Vick when you performing specific task.

 30 days to 10k program step by step in big idea mastermind by vick strizheus

Is 30 Days to $10K Program For You?

This program is designed for everybody, so in regardless whether you are zero experience, beginner level, intermediate level or expert level in Internet Marketing space, this program is suitable for you.

Zero Experience User:

I would like to congratulate you if you fall in this category. This is because you don’t need to waste a your time and money to search for a proven working system.  The proven system is here and it’s designed to help you go from zero to $10k in 30 days or less. If I can hit the time machine and back to future, I will be grateful and immediate take action to Join This Program Now.


Beginner Level:

OK, you have spent some of your precious time to check out what is Internet Marketing and methods to make money online by reading blogs/articles/sales letter/videos and etc… Great! At least you know the basic Internet Marketer jargon and perhaps you have purchase some software (I hope it is not 1 button magic software), mumbo jumbo software which claims can help you make tons of money online or e-book that claims is your total solution. You still not able to find the secret key to open the door of Internet Marketing after spending hour and hours and tons of your hard earn money to invest in courses, seminar for the answer you looking for a long time. Perhaps you should stop searching anymore, just take action and Join Big Idea Mastermind Now. Join the live program where thousands of peoples are adapting to it, make friends and together we can make a huge difference to the Internet Marketing space and live the life we deserve.


Intermediate Level:

SEO, video marketing, social signal, article marketing, tweeting, link building… all this is your jargon right now, Cool! You probably earn money from adsense or other advertising program, promote clickbank, jvzoo, paydotcom and etc affiliate products. Maybe the biggest challenge for you on this level is tired of promoting product after product, launch after launch. Most probably you are searching for the final key to become a successful Internet Marketer. Come and Join Big Idea Mastermind team and be part of the movement, together we can make Internet Marketing a better place.


Expert Level:

Have your own products and earning tons of money from Internet Marketing space. You know in and out of Internet Marketing and is a guru in certain area. Great and Congratulation!!!

Do you know learning is a life journey, sometimes a guru need to know 1 more secret to move your business to next whole level. Sometimes guru need to unlearn something and plant new thoughts and ideas to what you have now and bring your business to next level. Why shut your own door while there are still plenty of room for improvement and fine tune your business? Maybe 1 small thought in the 30 days to $10k program can help you sky rock your existing result. If I’m you, I will choose to learn and look for 1 idea which help me to bring my business to whole new level.

Join Big Idea Mastermind

Final word

The real secret or key to success is by you  TAKING ACTION. Join Now if you haven’t done so and start with this 30 days to $10k Program. Each day has specific action steps that show you EXACTLY what to do. Decide now that you will complete ALL of the daily assignments and create the life most people only dream about.

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